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Skin Care

Skin Can Do RoEzIt (Non petrolium skin moisturizer when using oxygen)

Combat Ready Balm ... a powerfull, soothing balm

Combat Ready Balm by Skin Can Do, is similar to the earlier products Prylo & Supherbalistic Cream. Combat Ready Balm is a highly concentrated skin salve which relieves and heals damaged and inflamed skin. Severe dryness, minor abrasions, post-shaving burn, stretch marks, scars, bug bites, and sunburn are no match for this powerfully soothing balm.

Cellex-C ...younger looking skin at any age

Cellex-C is the original formulation that pioneered the current worldwide interest in the topical application of vitamin C. Cellex-C is more than just vitamin C. It is the synergy of the patented complex that sets Cellex-C apart from all other vitamin C products and produces results that no other product can duplicate.

Cellex-C is a patented complex containing stabilized L-ascorbic acid, zinc, and L-tyrosine. The synergistic effects of this skin enhancing vitamin, mineral, and amino acid complex are based on the Bioderm patenet, developed by Dr. Lorraine Meisner and Michael Schnitsky. Because Cellex-C is protected by US and International patents, competitive products cannot duplicate Cellex-C and its precise chemistry. Similarly, no other product can duplicate the results seen in the dramatic before and after pictures of clients using Cellex-C.

Regular use of Cellex-C will help to neutralize the visible effects caused by the destructive forces of oxy-radicals. The visual results are compelling: after 8 to 12 weeks of daily use, the skin's surface will feel smoother and firmer while deeper wrinkles will appear much less pronounced. Skin will begin to look, act, and feel like younger skin.

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